Welcome to my design blog

I’m Toby Feszczur – Hatchett. I’ve been an avid gamer since I was young, now having competed at a competitive level and even hosting tournaments. I am currently completing my Game Design MA at Falmouth University.

I have 4 years experience in Unreal Engine 4 and have also recently picked up Unity. I primarily focus on game design but also have experience as an programmer, environmental artist and level designer.

My blog posts typically focus on encouraging player agency, particularly via the fields of emergent gameplay and systemic design.

Latest Posts

Predictable and unpredictable randomness in games

RNG or random number generation is a controversial topic in gaming with equal numbers of players cursing and blessing the mystical rn Jesus who dishes out crits seemingly on a whim. Such a mechanic has the potential to vastly change the game experience and must be utilised carefully in order to ensure games still feel…More

Systemic design and player mastery

Recently, I’ve really been getting into watching any% speedrunners. These players aim to finish games as a fast a possible using whatever bugs and exploits they can find. To the untrained eye, viewing can be confusing. 007 Goldeneye runs seem to simply require staring at the floor a chucking grenades at yourself whilst the classic…More